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Watch your life transform and your purpose be fulfilled with JEWELS Mentoring, LLC!

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Our goal is to educate, encourage, and motivate individuals to life life purposely.


We are committed to enhancing an individual’s knowledge and skills in order to live very profound and purposeful lives.


We are committed to serve with a heart of compassion love, and selflessness.

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Joining JEWELS, when I was 15 was one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me. In JEWELS, I found stability, self love, found out who God created me to be, but most importantly, I fell in love with GOD. JEWELS brought me real friends and sisters that I’ve never had. As a young Christian, it’s easy to want to fit in. JEWELS made being a Christian SO much fun with all our fellowship, trips, and activities. I thank God for giving Ms. Rhonda the vision to impact this city.

Shyann S.

I remember whispering a soft prayer to God saying “God if you don’t help me thru this I’m not going to make it” & what did God do, he sent help! Ms.Rhonda was everything I needed her to be. A friend, a mother, a prayer partner, a listener. As my Mentor she helped me “Take authority over everything in my life that was not like God.” If it have not been for Jewels and being surround by God-Fearing women who Knows where I’d be.


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